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Welcome to 25manna 2016

Welcome to 25manna 2016. 25manna is one of the biggest orienteering relays in the world. Where the world’s greatest orienteering club will be named. In this competition everybody is equally important, you need both elite, youth and veterans to compete in the same team.

In 2016 the competition will take place in Kungens Kurva just south of Stockholm, the 8-9 of October. We hope to see you there!


22 May, 2016

Invitations published

The invitations are published for the 25manna relay and 25mannakorten. You will find it under each competition.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on:

info@25manna.se for questions about the 25manna relay and 25mannakorten
logi@25manna.se for questions about accomodations
press@25manna.se for questions from the press

The registration will open on June 1 on Eventor.

By the way, did you know that we’re also on Facebook?