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25manna relay

25manna is one of the largest relays in the world, where the world’s best orienteering’s club will win. This will be done through a competition for club teams, consists of 25 runners. With 350 teams, almost 9000 runners will attend the competition and up to 13000 will visit the arena during the event, including coaches and supporters.

The competition is unique, due to the mixed team, with global elite runners, youths and veterans in the same team. All runners in the club are equally important in this relay, to accentuate the club spirit.

In the rules for Team setup, it’s stated to have at least seven female runners in the team and at least one of the team members will be 16 year or younger. On some of the legs, the runners must be under 14 years or older than 45 years.

The length of the legs varies from 3 to 9 km and the shortest legs are so easy that youths 10-12 years can participate, while the longer legs offer more opportunities of orienteering techniques.

At the beginning 1974 all legs was run as a traditional relay in one sequence, so the last legs were performed in darkness with headlamp. During the eighties the parallel legs was introduced, where leg three to seven have 4 parallel runners.

The 25manna association was formed in cooperation with the Stockholm Orienteering Federation to ensure the event and increase the quality. The event has grown to a level where 600 functionaries are needed at the competition day. Eight clubs are members of the 25manna association: Järfälla OK, OK Ravinen, Snättringe SK, OK Södertörn, IFK Tumba OK, Täby OK, Tullinge SK, Vallentuna-Össeby OK, Haninge SOK and Väsby OK.


The 25manna association


Ola Kåberg OK Ravinen chairman ola.kaberg@telia.com
Per Ånmark IFK Tumba SOK vice-chairman per.anmark@gmail.com
Claes Andersson Snättringe SK cashier ason@glocalnet.net
Filip Olsson Väsby OK filip@joolsson.se
Åsa Bergström Täby OK skogsolga@gmail.com
Lars Palmqvist Järfälla OK  sekretary domarstigen@gmail.com
Johan Hofstedt Vallentuna-Össeby OL johanhhofstedt@gmail.com
Lennart Agén Tullinge SK lennart@agen.se
Leif Ericsson Haninge SOK 9978eriksson@telia.com
Olle Blomgren OK Södertörn olle.blomgren@live.se


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