Terrain Description

Terrain description

The competition area is a nature reserve which is moderately hilly and has mostly good runnability. In some areas, to the area north of the Arena, there are many fallen trees which limits runnability.

Special symbol

Värn o A concrete shooting range bunker

Taped paths

The area has an unclear path which is marked with white tape, which mainly affects runners on leg 4.

Out of Bounds

The area has several out of bounds areas with the aim of protecting animals and sensitive plants. On the map they are marked with diagonal purple lines and on the ground they are marked with a solid blue/yellow tape where routes cross these areas. If the forbidden area is not on a direct route choice, or if there is a fence, then the area isn’t always taped.

In one place we have been allowed to pass through a protected deciduous forest. Runners pass through using a footbridge made for the competition and then approximately 80 m along a wooden walkway. All competitors must use the footbridge and walkway.

Updated: 3 October, 2018 kl. 09:14