Interview with Göran Hellgren, responsible for the café and kiosks on 25manna

– Hello Göran, you are responsible for the food on 25manna and here you are in proctective clothing. What is going on?
– I am in the schoolkitchen in Skärholmen. I am trying a new recipe for a vegetarian dish, that we are offering this year.

– Exciting, what kind of food is it?
– We are cooking a good cassarole, for the ones who want a vegeterian dish. The cassarole is also gluten free, free from milk protein and nuts. It is made from rice which is served with a cassarole based on ratatouille vegetales, soya protein from and coconut milk. We have ordered 2000 portions.

– Do you serve some other hot food too?
– We will have potato hotchpotch, hamburgers and sausages. At the cold buffé, you can find filling sandwiches, both as baguette, on rye bread and on a bread bun. We also have fruit, candy, coffee/the and coffee bread.

– The rumour says that there are some other news too.
– Yes, we have a new logistics system in the café, so it will be more like a traditional store. That is you walk in and pick the things you want and then you walk to the checkout. We will have this system both in the big café tent and in our two kiosks. We will also have one entrance kiosk, where we will serve coffee and cinnamon buns or coffee and a sandwich to a special price on saturday morning.

– Is there anything else you want to tell us?
– We wanted a name on the coffee bar, so from now on we will call the café tent for “Café big fork” and the two kiosks for “Small fork”.


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Updated: 15 September, 2016 kl. 18:55