Questions and answers 2020

Why was 25manna cancelled?

The current spread of Covid-19 in Sweden and the current restrictions for travel leaves no possibility for us to organise 25manna as planned in 2020. For orienteering events as other public events, no more than 50 participants are allowed. Together with the recommended social distancing, we see no possibility to offer a safe event for the participants. Apart from the actual event, there are also challenges of providing safe food-catering, showers and so forth when gathering so many people for so long.

Why a decision in Juni, why not wait til after the summer?

We came to this decision in June for many reasons. We assume the Corona-pandemic and its effects  will still affect us in October. The participants need information in due time to plan travels, and the organisers need to see to all the workload of the staff. Like this, we can start preparing for 2021 and 2022. In addition, we can avoid unnecessary costs for late cancellations.

What happens to the planned arrangement?

The planning is not in vain, and 25manna will return to Visättra and Flemmingsbergsskogen in 2022. Much of preparations made will be of use, and the organisers will have a well deserved break before the new event.

Did you consider changes in travel restrictions for participants to 25manna?

25manna gather more or less the whole orienteering community. Clubs from the whole of Sweden, as well as the Nordic countries and other parts of the world need to plan their participation, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is complicated. Apart from restrictions and rules within Sweden and other countries, participants need to feel safe to travel and participate. As organisers, we see it as our responsibility to only plan for a safe arrangement, where the spread of viruses is limited. This was not possible at 25manna this autumn.

Updated: 18 June, 2020 kl. 09:57