Updated information about 25manna 2020

The hosting clubs of OK Södertörn and Snättringe SK work intensively with preparations for 25manna 2020 in October 10-11. Of course, the ongoing Corona-pandemic affects these preparations, and we pay careful attention to the developments and recent recommendations.

25manna 2020 is planned to be the 47th 25manna-relay, persuing the tradition of determining which is the best club in the world. The same two clubs, OK Södertörn and Snättringe SK, were also arranging the first 25manna relay in 1974, and this will be the 10th 25manna we arrange. We stay prepared to organize 25manna 2020 as planned, in October 10-11.

Since the ongoing Corona-pandemic affect the society as a whole, and the community of orienteering as a consequence, a need to postpone, change or cancel the event may present itself. Therefore, preparations are made for different scenarios. These preparations takes the recommendations in the different participating countries into account.

We will keep updating the information, and the aim is to reach a decision in June 2020. Unfortunately, the situation remains uncertain until then. For travelling clubs, we therefore recommend you book travels and accommodation with possibility to get refund if there will be changes.

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Updated: 9 May, 2020 kl. 14:53