Memories from the competition in Flemingsberg in 2006

This year, 25manna is held for the fourth time in Flemingsberg forest! The last time it was held,in 2006, the Finnish orienteer Topi Anjala was the first to complete the firstleg.Take a look at the old map and relive Topi’s memories from the competition in Flemingsberg in 2006.

What do you remember from 25manna 2006?

– In 2006, I decided to participate in the competition at the very last moment. I got the first leg in Hyvinkään Rasti’s team. I remember that I had run a race of about 30 km the weekend before 25manna and I had a lot of pain left when I stood on the starting line of the 25manna. I wondered if I would be able to run at all.

– I remember that my starting position was quite far behind the front. My choice of route to the first control was via a road and I had to outrun a lot of people. Pretty quickly I still saw the leading runners. The orienteering actually went well, I didn’t make any big mistakes. At the penultimate control, the others got a little unsure and I got the chance to run away and I actually managed to get to the finish line first. Later in the competition, our team unfortunately got a mispunching, but we forgot the disappointment during our journey home with club mates.

How are you as a relay runner? What is important to think about as a runner on the first stretch?

– I especially like the first leg. I have always liked competing “man against man” and there are many such situations on the first stage. Nowadays, my tactic is usually that I follow the reactions of the leaders and make my own choices during the forks. As a runner on the first leg, it is important to have a good balance between your own orienteering and how much you follow others’ route choices. It is also extremely important to be accurate in the orienteering and the choice of route to the first control.

How do you usually prepare for relays?

– I don’t usually prepare much for relays or other competitions. I can’t speculate too much right before competitions but I just have to trust that all the orienteering training over the years has helped. I also trust that I can adapt to the prevailing terrain and situation.

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