Buses – Drop-off, Pick-up and Parking

Buses should drop-off and pick-up passengers along Björnkullaringen, Visättra. Follow directions by the marshals. It is not allowed to drop-off or pick-up passengers at any other location. To allow an uninterrupted flow of traffic, and to avoid road blocks, always adhere to the marshals’ directions.

Please make the stop as quickly as possible. There will be a lot of buses at the drop-off and pick-up zones, and it will be important to move on as quickly as possible to reduce queueing of buses.

When leaving the bus, follow the signs for the arena. Stay on the sidewalks, and don’t stray on to the road, as there will be a constant flow of traffic. Only walk on the signed paths. The distance to the areana is approx. 1800m. The road crossing at Björnkulla will be policed for a smooth passage and to avoid accidents.

Buses continue on to Huddingevägen after drop-off / pick-up. Follow directions by the marshals. Bus parking is located next to Alfa Laval and DeLaval in Tumba, approx. 9.6km from drop-off / pick-up. Road signs from the road Hans Stahles väg, Tumba. There will be marshals at hand to direct to available parking spaces.

Updated: 26 September, 2022 kl. 20:57