25-manna is moving to Nytorps ängar in Haninge

Due to wildlife issues, 25-manna is moving from its original location in Berga to Nytorps ängar(‘fields’) in Haninge.
“Of course this solution is far from optimal, but we’ve now found a good arena at Nytorps ängar in Haninge”, explains organiser Olof Hernander. “The plan was for the 25-manna arena to be at an army regiment area of Berga in Västerhaninge but a late-materialising problem with the wildlife there, for which we couldn’t find a solution, meant that organising clubs OK Ravinen and Haninge SOK were forced to think quickly.
“We had already considered reserve arenas, so it was more a case of implementing plan B”, continues Olof. “Now we have been in touch with all concerned parties and I’d really like to thank everyone involved for being so accommodating and allowing an acceptable solution to be reached. The new arena provides what we want, including decent, varied terrain so we can offer good, fair competition”.

25-manna has been held at Nytorps ängar twice previously, in 1987 & in 2009.

An updated invitation will soon be published.

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Updated: 5 July, 2019 kl. 20:54