7 October, 2023

OK Linné wins 25manna 2023

After a thrilling last leg, Johanna Ridefelt managed to bring it home for her club OK Linné. So the winners of 25manna 2023 Lida Friluftsgård, Botkyrka. Kalevan Rasti ended up taking 2nd place and Halden SK ended up on 3d place. Great effort by all times and big congratulations to OK Linné! Photo: Göran Johansson […]

6 October, 2023

Live results

The live results from 25manna is to be found at There you can follow the competition leg by leg and follow individual teams. The system is a further development of the live results that the IT-consult company Attentec developed for 25manna. The results will be updated live during the entire day of the competition.  […]

5 October, 2023

Wifi on the arena

25manna is an online event, as well as a live event, both for organizers and participants. To ensure a good connection for all 15 000 visitors at an arena in the forest is challenging. But we have, with the help of several partners made our best effort to make this possible. Therefore, we would like […]

5 October, 2023

Simon Imarks thoughts about 25manna

Photo: Moa Gustafsson (Swedish Championships in Orsa 2022) Considering it’s only a few days left until the 25manna weekend, most runners are probably busy analysing old maps and discussing possible course options. All to prepare for the terrain that they will be facing during this weekends competitions. We’ve spoken to elite runner Simon Imark from […]

27 September, 2023

Last preparations with Stora Tuna

Photo: Kristina Lindgren After a bit of drama and an intense last leg, Stora Tuna managed to take home the victory at 25manna 2022. But what is going through their minds this year? How are the reigning champions preparing for this years competition? We’ve spoken to Peo Svensk, representative from Stora Tuna OK. How’s the […]

22 August, 2023

Everyone’s invited when IFK Mora makes their way to 25manna

For some clubs, 25manna is one of the big highlights of the year. It’s an opportunity to get the whole club together and to compete with people you normally never get the chance to compete with. But getting together enough runners to get a complete relay team isn’t always easy. And making sure you enough […]

14 August, 2023

The Relay Courses – Advise from the course setter

The summer is coming to an end and 25manna in Lida, Botkyrka is getting closer and closer. So it’s about time to get to know the terrain. Let’s take a closer look at the map and the terrain that this years competitors will get to experience up close in this years relay the 7th of […]

29 June, 2023

Welcome to 25manna 2023!

This years 25manna Relay and 25manna middle will take place in the beautiful Lidaskogen in Botkyrka. The terrain is characterized by fields of open-rock and older spruce forests with varying detail and runnability. The courses on the relay on Saturday and middle distance on Sunday will run through completely different parts of the forest. 25manna […]

8 October, 2022

Stora Tuna wins 25manna Flemingsberg

Stora Tuna OK with Emil Svensk on the final leg took the relay victory in 25manna Flemingsberg after a dramatic fight against Eskil Kinneberg, OK Kåre, and Max Peter Bejmer, IFK Göteborg. It became extra dramatic when Stora Tuna due to an organizer’s mistake had to wait for the start on leg 23. Tove Alexandersson, […]

8 October, 2022

The action has started!

The 320 teams have now set off on the first leg! We wish everyone a lovely day in the Flemingsberg forest! Live results can be followed at and the speaker sound at

2 October, 2022

Memories from the competition in Flemingsberg in 2006

This year, 25manna is held for the fourth time in Flemingsberg forest! The last time it was held,in 2006, the Finnish orienteer Topi Anjala was the first to complete the firstleg.Take a look at the old map and relive Topi’s memories from the competition in Flemingsberg in 2006. What do you remember from 25manna 2006? […]

11 September, 2022

Axel Granqvist’s thoughts on 25manna middle and his tips for the competition

Don’t miss the 25manna Flemingsberg middle-distance and Swedish League on Sunday 9th of October! Read elite runner Axel Granqvist’s thoughts on 25manna middle and his tips for the competition. What is your best memory from 25manna middle-distance? My best memory must be from 2019 when I won the H20 Elite class. I was in really […]

4 September, 2022

Accommodation during 25manna Flemingsberg

Hard floor accommodation is offered at Huddingegymnasiet, approximately 10 km from the arena. It is possible to travel by public transport for those of you who don’t bring your own car or bus to 25manna Flemingsberg. You can book your accommodation together with your registration. Breakfast is included in the accommodation fee. It is not […]

2 August, 2022

The courses are ready – we’re just waiting for you!

After almost three years of preparation, 25manna Flemingsberg is now approaching fast. You can see now some glimpses from the forest and the map in the diverse terrain that awaits the runners on 8-9 October. Course designer Per Franzén from OK Södertörn has spent countless hours in woods of Flemingsberg. As the map samples show, […]

30 April, 2022

Registration is open!

Bulletin 1 has been published and registration has opened. Now we are just waiting for you and your teams! How many teams will your club register? Who will run which leg? You will find all the details in the bulletin. A warm welcome to the 25manna weekend with relay on October 8:th and Swedish League […]

3 January, 2022

Welcome to 25manna 2022! 

We prepare to deliver  a wonderful experience at Visättra south of Stockholm. The legs will pass through the beautiful Flemingsbergsskogen, a varied terrain with both cultural landscapes and large areas of pathless forest that enables varying challenges and exciting course choices. The arena is easily accessible from the Flemingsberg train Station, 20 minutes by commuter train from […]

17 August, 2021

25manna 2021 is cancelled

For the second year in a row, the 25manna relay is forced to cancel the event. Not being able to secure the necessary permits from the authorities due to the pandemic is the reason behind the decision. The organising clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK have together with the 25manna association spent the […]

4 August, 2021

Changed date for payment of fees

The organizing clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK have in a joint decision with the 25manna association to extend the payment period from September 3rd to September 10th to be in line with our previous announce decision date for 25manna 2021. The recommendation is therefore to make your payment in the week of […]

3 July, 2021

Update in regards to 25manna 2021

The organising clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK have in a joint decision with the 25manna association decided to continue the plans and effort to successfully execute the hosting of the 25manna relay and the middle distance event, including the Swedish League (WRE) middle distance event on 9th and 10th October 2021. This […]

4 June, 2021

Update in regards to the Covid-19 effect on 25manna 2021

The organising clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK continue their efforts on preparing and focusing on the planning and execution of hosting the 25manna relay and the middle distance event on 9th and 10th October. The currently on-going pandemic due to Covid-19 is, of course, affecting all facets of our planning efforts, and […]

14 April, 2021

Preliminary invitations published

The preliminary invitations for the 25manna 2021 weekend are now available on Eventor. The three organizing clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK have now published the preliminary invitations for the 25manna relay, the 25manna middle distance and the 25manna middle distance Swedish League event. Entries to all three competitions are expected to open […]

8 April, 2021

The preparations for 25manna 2021

The organising clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK are in the midst of preparing and focusing on the planning and execution of hosting the 25manna relay and the middle distance event on 9th and 10th October. The currently on-going pandemic due to Covid-19 is, of course, affecting all facets of our planning efforts, […]

13 April, 2020

Join the mapper Fredrik Ahnlén to the terrain of 25manna 2020!

“The forest in Flemingsberg has a unique feeling of wilderness to be this close to Stockholm”, says Fredrik. In our live broadcast from 8th April you get a glimpse of the terrain with open and beautiful hilltops. The broadcast with host Oskar Forsberg and mapper Fredrik Ahnlén is in Swedish but we will give you […]

2 April, 2020

Regarding the coronavirus

We are following the development of the virus spread and the recommendations from the health authorities closely. At this moment we’re aiming to carry out The 25-manna as planned on October 10-11 2020. We hope that you also long for a relay.

9 October, 2019

Vindskyddskarta kommer inom kort

Vi har blivit tvungna att placera om ett antal tält, då en del av de tänkta områdena har blivit för blöta för att användas. Vi arbetar för fullt med att uppdatera vindskyddskartan för att alla ska få så bra och torra platser som möjligt och vi kommer publicera den så snart som möjligt.

8 September, 2019

Updated invitation

The invitation has been updated with information about forking as well as more correct lenghts on the legs.

5 July, 2019

25-manna relay open class cancelled for 2019

Due to the significant amount of extra work for the organisers that the change of 25-manna arena has entailed, the competition organisers and the 25-manna association have together taken the decision not to hold the new 10-person relay format this year. The 25-manna association hopes instead to introduce it in 2020. For the same reason, […]

5 July, 2019

25-manna is moving to Nytorps ängar in Haninge

Due to wildlife issues, 25-manna is moving from its original location in Berga to Nytorps ängar(‘fields’) in Haninge. “Of course this solution is far from optimal, but we’ve now found a good arena at Nytorps ängar in Haninge”, explains organiser Olof Hernander. “The plan was for the 25-manna arena to be at an army regiment […]

15 April, 2019

Please note some news in 25manna this year

The invitation is now published and we should like to make you aware of two major changes. We have changed the rules for the composition of the teams in order to get more ladies and youngsters. We have introduced a 25manna open relay, with 10 legs. More information to come regarding this relay.

7 October, 2018

This years highlights

Highligts of 25manna 2018.  Thanks for your participation and welcome back next year!

15 April, 2018


Now the invitations to 25manna 2018 are to be found under tabs here and on Eventor.

5 April, 2017


Now the invitations to 25manna 2017 are to be found under tabs here and on Eventor.

22 January, 2017

25manna in Botkyrka 2017

Welcome to a forest and terrain that will offer challenges, at the right level for both the elite, young people and everybody else. As a runner you will be met by both moderately hilly forest terrain and a little more hearty mountain with detailed slopes. There will be paths but not much open land. The […]

11 October, 2016

Lost and found

Here is a list over the things that got left behind after the 25manna weekend. We will take the stuff with us to Daladubbeln. If you are from Finland and want us to bring something with us to Halikko. Please email at Kvarglömt-25mannahelgen.xlsx

10 October, 2016

The winners in different competitions

The winner of the Nordic Native competition is Emma Bromark. During the weekend our partners offered several different and exciting competitions. In the showcase of Nordic Native, the competitions

8 October, 2016

The winners of the 25manna relay 2016

For those of you who missed it, Halden SK won 25manna 2016, with Koovee 18 seconds behind, and IFK Lidingö SOK additional 2 seconds behind. Congratulations! Below you can see some pictures of the three best teams. More pictures are available here and at facebook.

8 October, 2016

Shower and toilets

Unfortunately there are missing signs showing where the showers and toilets are. Look at the pictures below to find the way there. Note that the shower for the ladies is outside as well, i.e. this has been changed.

8 October, 2016

Video of the start and other pictures

Watch the start of the 25manna relay 2016 here: During the weekend we will also regularly publish pictures here:

7 October, 2016

Club tent locations

Now the lists over the club tent locations are published. You can find them under the menu “General information” => “Club tent location”.

6 October, 2016

Changed bus stop

The bus stop Toyota which we earlier refered to in the event details, is unfortunately closed during the days of the competitions. The closest bus stop is Ekgårdsvägen, where the buses 707, 710 and 740 are stoping. The bus ride takes approximately two minutes from Skärholmen to Ekgårdsvägen. From there it is ca 900m to the […]

6 October, 2016

Saturday will be busy

In addition to participating in the race and cheering for teammates, a lot of activities are taking place at the event center.

4 October, 2016


In an earlier post we announced that no webradio would be available. However, we will offer that as well. The addresses are: Webplayer: Direct link: (iTunes, Winamp, VLC etc):

30 September, 2016


We will have radio transmission, with speaker commentaries, on FM 91,8Mhz during the competition. We will however not have a webradio. Read more under “General information” => “Radio”.

30 September, 2016

Travel Instructions

Now Travel Instructions for both cars and buses have been published. You can find them under “General information” => “Travel instruction”.

26 September, 2016

Error in the Event Details

We are sorry, but there has been a clerical error in the event details for the right to participate for leg 23. That is now corrected and the event details are updated. Unfortunately we did not have time to correct the printed program, because it had already been sent for printing.  That is the event details […]

24 September, 2016

Event Details

Now the final event details document is published. You can find it under the menu 25manna relay respectively 25manna middle.

6 September, 2016

Accomodation pm 2

Now we have published the second accommodation PM, which you can find on the page under the menu “General information” => “Accommodation”. Here you can get additional information about the accommodation.

4 September, 2016

Open courses

Did you know that you also can run in open courses at 25manna on the Saturday? Pre-registration can be submitted at eventor before the 6th of October: For whom? “Exercise orienteering [translated from Swedish “Motionsorientering”] is for anyone who want to go out in the nature and challenge oneself within something more that just running. There are […]

3 September, 2016

Invalid Bills

The Swedish bills you can see bellow have been invalid since the 1st of July 2016, and will not be accepted at the cafés and other canteens at 25manna. Therefore, make sure you check that you don’t have any of these old bills left!

30 August, 2016

Soon first entry deadline

Tomorrow, the 31th of August, will be the first deadline for entry submission for the 25manna relay. After this date, submissions will be accepted for another month, but for a higher fee, and after September 30th, no submissions are accepted. Regarding 25manna middle, the first entry deadline will not be until October 2nd, and the […]

12 June, 2016

Pictures of the arena

Now it’s approximately 4 months left until 25manna 2016 takes place! For those of you who are curios about how the area looks like, we are publishing some images. They are taken around the fields that lies behind Kungens Kurva, where the arena will be.

7 June, 2016

The registration is now open

The registration is now open. You can register on Eventor. 25manna relay: 25manna middle:

22 May, 2016

Invitations published

The invitations are published for the 25manna relay and 25mannakorten. You will find it under each competition. If you have any questions, you can contact us on: for questions about the 25manna relay and 25mannakorten for questions about accomodations for questions from the press The registration will open on June 1 on […]

9 October, 2015

Time for bus boarding extended to 18.

We have extended the time for the bus to boarding to 18, please make sure to fit that time. For late runners we can arrange minibus to bus park number two in exceptional cases.

18 August, 2015


Registration of teams to the Relay, as well as other services, such as hard floor accommodation, are open in Eventor

24 February, 2014

25manna results – status after tests in February

Prior to testing of software and hardware as planned during February new database servers were purchased. Performance and capacity tests were repeated in the same way as in previous tests in November with the software, hardware and set up of servers that was used at 25manna 2013. The same response time issues that arose during […]

9 December, 2013

25manna results – Status after tests in November

Tests have been done to find the cause of the overload of the computer system that occurred during 25manna 2013. A first hypothesis was that the problem was caused by how computers and servers were set up to communicate with each, but it could not be verified. Several different set ups were tested and regardless […]

13 November, 2013

25manna results – what now?

Last week 25manna’s IT group met to begin the work of getting to the bottom of what caused the long response times from the database. Moreover 25manna’s board had a meeting which focused on this year’s event and the lessons to be learned – of course from what were not so good, but also positive […]

21 October, 2013

25manna results – update 6, revised

Now the official results for 25manna 2013 are available including split times. See Total results here. See Split times here. Total results including split times and information of mini mass starts per team. No. of legs with mini mass start Place 0 164 1 165 – 262 2 263 – 285 3 286 – 304 4 305 […]

18 October, 2013

25manna results – update 5

Now we are missing only 7 teams before the results are complete. See the results here. See status report with explanation of disqualified teams and reasons why here. The 7 teams where there is a leg with no SI Card match are shown in bold in the status report and the comment “saknar brickkoppling”, On one leg these teams are missing a match with SI Card to runner. Which leg is specified in the report. We will continue the work to try to solve these problems; but it would help if the club would e-mail their runners and SI Card numbers to A […]

17 October, 2013

25manna results – update 4, revised

We now have 269 approved teams and are happy to congratulate OK Linné to both the best 2nd and 3rd team. Impressive! See here. We continue to work on the result list to be able to publish the complete official results on Friday 18 October. The results which are published on Friday will include split […]

16 October, 2013

25manna results – update 3

Now there is an official result list for place 1 – 26. See here. Unfortunately, we have found that the team that we declared as the winner, OK Linné , is missing a punch at one control. We have been able to verify this against the control units from the forest and also an extra […]

15 October, 2013

25manna results – update 2

Tonight 13 people will gather to manually go through unpaired SI cards and SI cards indicating mispunch. We have the full support of the developers of the computer system OLA. They help us with MySQL runs, which saves us a lot of time with matching of data. We will provide further information after this effort. […]

14 October, 2013

25manna results – update 1

Status right now is that we on Sunday gathered and compiled all the data from control units and log files. Thereafter this data has been imported into the database. That leaves a lot of unpaired SI cards and SI cards indicating mispunch . To reduce this number , we read the log from the control […]

14 October, 2013

Lost property

All forgotten items from the 25manna weekend are now in Täby OKs club house. They will remain there for one month, then they will be discarded. Email to to arrange pickup / delivery.

13 October, 2013

25manna results

From the race organizers we would like to apologize for the technical problems we had during 25manna. Now, on Sunday, we have worked to ensure that we save all data from controls and the computers log files. The next step will be to process this data to produce a result. We are working hard to […]

11 October, 2013

Public Transport

In the event details we mentioned bus 557 to the event center. But you can also go by bus 559/559B. This bus has several departure times! Commuter trains from Stockholm Central Station towards Kungsängen/Bålsta, get off at Kungsängen station. From Kungsängen bus 559 or 559B to exit Marknadsstigen + about 700 m walk. (

10 October, 2013

Map completion

Here is a late map completion regarding the map definition for leg 24. Map completion (pdf)

10 October, 2013

Reward for 40-years jubilee and participant record

25manna would like to note that this year is both 40-years jubilee and participation record by an additional reward in connection with the award ceremony. Called to this ceremony are: * Coach of the clubs that started with a minimum of 4 teams (i.e. 100 runners or more) * Coach of the teams 375-393, i.e. […]

7 October, 2013

Startsidans huvudinlägg in English

Thank you for coming to 25manna 2015! 10-11 October 25manna (relay and middle distance) will be held at Lövsättra, just north of Stockholm. Link to event information

6 October, 2013


For the first time Dala Massage Team will be present at 25manna and they offer sports massage and rehab taping. They will have a tent at the event venue and will also offer massage on Saturday eveneng at the school where the accomodation is located. Take the chance to get pampered for a short while! […]

2 October, 2013


Now the entry to this year’s 25manna has closed and as many as 393 teams have entered. It is a record – with a big margin! We are now working hard to get everything in place for the event. See the start list in the left menu. We look forward to seeing you soon! Warmly welcome!

1 October, 2013


All about how to get to this year’s 25manna weekend. We recommend travelling by public transport to the event venue or that you carpool as much as possible as there is a limited number of car parking spaces available.

27 September, 2013

Accommodations is now full

Accommodations on a hard surface is now full. But registration for other services and teams is open until Tuesday, October 1.

20 September, 2013

Peak tents

Does your club want the best location at the event venue? Then rent a peak tent, there are three different sizes to choose from. Bookning is done via Eventor. Prices: Peak tent (”Topptält”) 3×3 m 3 900 SEK Peak tent (”Topptält”) 4×4 m 4 900 SEK Peak tent (”Topptält”) 5×5 m 6 700 SEK

13 September, 2013

Food service

The café is this year divided into 3 outlets – café, barbecue and mini café. We accept cash, SEK, EUR and NOK (only bills, change is given in SEK), and accept card payments at certain checkouts. At the entrance to the queue you will find information about the assortment and which checkouts that accept card payment. This […]

11 September, 2013

Runners pool

To get help in finding team mates to fill up your team with, or if you do not have a team to run in, we have started a runners pool. Go in under 25manna relay in the menu on the left side or go directly via the link Runners pool.

4 September, 2013

The Controls are Being Built (Tips from the Planners)

We have had a really nice summer and the planning of 25manna’s courses has now reached the final stage. It’s time for some more work teams to take over after the planners have done their part. For example, the control building of the controls has begun, the speaker function would like estimated split times and […]

25 August, 2013

25manna – 40-years jubilee, come and celebrate with us!

Of course with courses where severity matches what is stipulated for your leg. Order a peak tent to ensure the best location at the event venue and note that our café this year offers packed lunches to the clubs. See the invitation here. Everything is booked through Eventor. After the race take the opportunity to […]

13 August, 2013

Bus to the event venue

If you want the shortest walking distance to the event venue, the bus is the best option. SL will enhance its service from the commuter train at Kungsängens station and along the bus route 557. The bus stop is closer to the event venue than where the cars will be parking. More details about public […]

8 August, 2013

Menu packed lunches

This year we offer pre-ordering of packed lunches to clubs for their own preparation. The packages are handed out 07:30 to 9:30. Package 1: Sandwiches  30 off 2 sorts of bread, spread cheese and ham, butter (incl. knife) and vegetable. Price: 180 SEK/package Package 2: Hot dogs 40 off Sausage, hot dog bun, mustard and ketchup. Price: 275 SEK/package Package 3: Goulash soup 10 portions (of 2,5 dl)            Goulash soup, sour cream, cup and spoon for serving Price: 275 SEK/package Package 4: Salad of 500 grams (incl cutlery) Pasta salad […]

4 July, 2013

Peak tents

  In addition to the ordinary club tent sites, it will also be possible to rent so-called peak tents (“topptält”) in three different sizes. The tents will be put up and ready on arrival and placed in a good location at the event venue. Bookning is done via Eventor.     Picture from Hyrtältet   Prices: Peak […]

4 July, 2013

Sports massage during the 25manna weekend

  Dala Massage Team will offer sports massage and rehab taping during the 25manna competitions. No pre-orders required. The treatment time is 15 minutes but can be extended on request if there are not too many queuing up, this to ensure as many people as possible will have the chance to take part of the […]

27 June, 2013

Report and pictures from 25manna´s test run

Thursday the 25th of April we had a test run of the 25manna courses. About 40 members from Järfälla OK and Väsby OK participated. The 25manna relay of 2013 has three course planners: Birgitta Billstam from Järfälla OK and Anders Enström and Kristofer Thorslund from Väsby OK. What will make 25manna 2013 special is the unique […]

26 June, 2013

Course planner thoughts

This beautiful winter with great possibilities to ski have delayed our work in the forest. As late as the 25th of April, there were still patches of snow left on the northern hillsides.As a consequencewe haven’t progressed with our work as planned, but inspired by the fun and conclusive courses at 10mila, we now take […]

20 February, 2013

25manna 2013 12th and 13th of October

25manna 40 years! Joy, Fellowship, Excitement!   We warmly welcome you to 25manna’s 40-year celebration in Brunna in Upplands-Bro municipality northwest of Stockholm!   On the 12th and 13th of October, the 25manna-weekend takes place and planning is in full swing. On Saturday, the 40th 25manna will be held and Sunday’s middle distance is a […]