25manna results – update 3

Now there is an official result list for place 1 – 26. See here.

Unfortunately, we have found that the team that we declared as the winner, OK Linné , is missing a punch at one control. We have been able to verify this against the control units from the forest and also an extra reading of the SI Card in question. We regret the incident and apologize that this could not come to light earlier.

Top 3 list is as follows:

1.   Halden SK 1
2.   Stora Tuna 1
3.   Tampereen Pyrintö 1

We congratulate Halden SK, who thus retain the 25manna trophy for another year.

Work on the result list continues. There remains a small number of unpaired SI Cards. Additionally, all mispunches will be verified an extra time against the logs from the control units and computer logs.

We would like to extend a big thanks to Henrik Bengtsson, one of the developers of the OLA computer system, for his support in this process. With his help, we have succeeded in reconstructing the competition based on data from the control units that were in the forest. Without him we would not have gotten this far this quickly.

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Updated: 16 October, 2013 kl. 10:23