Join the mapper Fredrik Ahnlén to the terrain of 25manna 2020!

“The forest in Flemingsberg has a unique feeling of wilderness to be this close to Stockholm”, says Fredrik. In our live broadcast from 8th April you get a glimpse of the terrain with open and beautiful hilltops. The broadcast with host Oskar Forsberg and mapper Fredrik Ahnlén is in Swedish but we will give you a couple of translations of Fredrik’s tips here:

Is it wise to run over the hills or around? If you are strong, there is usually not too much reason to go around. But on the rougher areas, I would say most runners can benefit from using easier runnability rather than going over all the hills.

What size of stones will be on the map? The norm says 1 m but I often try to use around 1,3 m. The stone you see here (at 30:10 min in the video) is not on the map. When we are just walking it might be obvious, but at running speed I’m not even sure you would notice it.

What is especially important to practice for this terrain? It’s not too different from what you usually meet at 25manna. But being strong in those shorter uphills is not a bad idea and keeping focus and direction on these open hilltop-areas like we have here (from 18:30 min in the video and on).

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Updated: 13 April, 2020 kl. 14:48