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This year we offer pre-ordering of packed lunches to clubs for their own preparation. The packages are handed out 07:30 to 9:30.

Package 1: Sandwiches  30 off

2 sorts of bread, spread cheese and ham, butter (incl. knife) and vegetable.

Price: 180 SEK/package

Package 2: Hot dogs 40 off

Sausage, hot dog bun, mustard and ketchup.

Price: 275 SEK/package

Package 3: Goulash soup 10 portions (of 2,5 dl)           

Goulash soup, sour cream, cup and spoon for serving

Price: 275 SEK/package

Package 4: Salad of 500 grams (incl cutlery)

  • Pasta salad (cheese and ham)
  • Chicken salad with bulgur
  • Feta cheese salad (vegetarian/gluten free)

Price: 60 SEK/salad

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Updated: 8 August, 2013 kl. 10:06