Reward for 40-years jubilee and participant record

25manna would like to note that this year is both 40-years jubilee and participation record by an additional reward in connection with the award ceremony.
Called to this ceremony are:
* Coach of the clubs that started with a minimum of 4 teams (i.e. 100 runners or more)
* Coach of the teams 375-393, i.e. the teams that signed up as number 375 and later (tangency of the participation record from 1995 and upwards), provided that the team started.
All teams will receive a small gift and among these teams there will be a lottery where you can win one Silva Sprint Plus headlamp. (The clubs belonging to the 25manna association are exempt from the draw.)
Come and celebrate with us!

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Updated: 10 October, 2013 kl. 21:39