25manna in Botkyrka 2017

Welcome to a forest and terrain that will offer challenges, at the right level for both the elite, young people and everybody else. As a runner you will be met by both moderately hilly forest terrain and a little more hearty mountain with detailed slopes. There will be paths but not much open land.

The competition on Saturday and Sunday’s middle distance is organized by Tullinge SK and IFK Tumba SOK with the support of Botkyrka Municipality. We are focusing on proximity, simplicity and offer accommodation with breakfast in walking distance to the arena so that not all of the club need to take the club bus early in the morning. Parking is right on the arena. We will supply shelters to anyone wishing to use it and starting, switching, goals, showers, cafeteria and sports shops are all nearby.

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Updated: 18 June, 2017 kl. 05:28