Wifi on the arena

25manna is an online event, as well as a live event, both for organizers and participants. To ensure a good connection for all 15 000 visitors at an arena in the forest is challenging. But we have, with the help of several partners made our best effort to make this possible. Therefore, we would like to thank the following:

Botkyrka Stadsnät and Bahnhof that have contributed with a thick broadband which is the backbone to the public wifi that we are building on the arena. It will not be covering the entire area, but there are some hotshopts where the connection should be good.

Telia, who are reenforcing their 4G and 5G network on the arena with a mobile tower. Fun fact is that such a mast handles 10 GB data via fiber, so all Telia customers should hopefull have a good connection on the whole arena.

Here you can see a map over the arena where you can see where the five wifi-hotspots are placed.

Wifikarta 25manna

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Updated: 5 October, 2023 kl. 22:52