Everyone’s invited when IFK Mora makes their way to 25manna

Konstantin Serebryanitskii from IFK Mora at 25manna 2022 – Photo: Moa Gustafsson

For some clubs, 25manna is one of the big highlights of the year. It’s an opportunity to get the whole club together and to compete with people you normally never get the chance to compete with. But getting together enough runners to get a complete relay team isn’t always easy. And making sure you enough runners for more than one team is truly hard work, something that IFK Mora a lot about. This year, the club as made an impressive effort to make sure they have more teams in the relay than they did last year.

For 25manna 2022, IFK Mora barely had two teams running the relay. So this time around, they made the decision to really go for it this year.
– Our goal this year is to have three complete teams getting through the entire relay, says Ulf Rask.

To get as many people as possible to enter, the club sent out letters to their members encouraging them to enter the competition or just tag along to cheer on their team members.
– Today, we have about 85 people that have shown interest to come along, of which 10 will come to support the ones running. And we still have some elite runners who haven’t made a decision yet, since they don’t know if they will have any other obligations att the same time, Ulf explains.

On top of that, the club has booked both transport and accommodations ahead of time. And to get even more people to come along, the club will be paying for a large part of the transportation and accommodations fees. And when it comes to training, the club has some plans there too:
– We’re organizing two different training sessions for 25manna with forked courses and mass start. All to make sure we’re on the top of our game for 25manna.

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Updated: 28 September, 2023 kl. 17:34