Last preparations with Stora Tuna

Photo: Kristina Lindgren

After a bit of drama and an intense last leg, Stora Tuna managed to take home the victory at 25manna 2022. But what is going through their minds this year? How are the reigning champions preparing for this years competition? We’ve spoken to Peo Svensk, representative from Stora Tuna OK.

How’s the atmosphere in the club now that 25manna is getting closer?

Well, there are many that are working on putting the teams together. We have different people focusing on women, men, the kids and the veterans, all cooperating to make the teams as good as they can be. Apart from that we have 25manna-trainings along with other clubs in the area these last weeks leading up to the competition. When we come together like that we get some more people and get more of that relay-feeling.

Do you do any other coordinating with other clubs?

Sometimes we travel together. We’ve previously travelled with Domnarvet, and this year I think we are sharing a bus with Säter.

How are you preparing now the last two weeks before the competition?

There will be some extra talk about 25manna the last few weeks after the training sessions on Tuesdays. Mainly next week, of course. And someone always brings a map over the competition area and some people like to set some courses to discuss and analyze as well. Not all of out runners live in Borlänge, but they are able to join messenger groups and such where they will discuss maps and other topics relating to the competition.

You will be missing a few elite runners this year, how do you think this will affect your chances?

Yes, we’ll be missing our top three women and that will definitely reduce our chances of winning a bit. So I wouldn’t say we’re a favorite this year. Instead we are the underdogs. We still a some great men running, but when it comes to the women it hits us harder. We do have one strong women with some terrain knowledge, Rebecka Heinrup. But we’ll see how we put the teams together considering the special conditions this year.

So if you’re not the favorites this year, which club would you say is?

I would say IFK Göteborg and OK Linné. They have so many runners, so losing one or two doesn’t affect them as much. We don’t really same variety of runners. OK Kåre did great last year as well, so I think they can be quite dangerous too. But I would say IFK Göteborg and OK Linné still are the main favorites. And we’re the underdogs. But out goal is to be among the top five teams, at least.

We wish Stora Tuna good luck this year, and we’ll see if Peo Svensks predictions on this years winning team is right next weekend!

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Updated: 28 September, 2023 kl. 17:33