Update in regards to the Covid-19 effect on 25manna 2021

The organising clubs Täby OK, Attunda OK and Sundbybergs IK continue their efforts on preparing and focusing on the planning and execution of hosting the 25manna relay and the middle distance event on 9th and 10th October. The currently on-going pandemic due to Covid-19 is, of course, affecting all facets of our planning efforts, and the organisers continue to monitor the pandemic closely.

The Swedish government has together with the Swedish Public Health authority jointly presented a five-step plan for Sweden’s return to “normal”. The five-step plan includes allowing increased numbers of competitors for running events and competitions during the summer and autumn as long as the spread of Covid-19 decreases and the health care systems have the ability to properly care for Covid-19 patients. Unfortunately there is no set date when a competition and orienteering event such as 25manna relay will be allowed to happen as planned.

The organisers along with the 25manna association joint goal remains to be able to host the competition, but this requires permissions from multiple authorities at the appropriate check-points at the planning stages, in addition to take the financial risks associated with planning such a large event for both participating clubs and the organisers. We continue to monitor the pandemic closely and aim to take a decision in July whether or not to host the competitions. The decision may be delayed even further depending on the spread of the disease and the government decisions in regards to the 5-step plan. By delaying the final decision it is our hope that the positive trend will continue thus allowing the organisers to host the competition.

Therefore, the organizers urge any club planning for the weekend in terms of booking lodging and travel does so in such contracts that are non-binding financially.

Management team for 25manna 2021

My Rönnols, Täby OK
Thomas Widehag, Sundbybergs IK
Erik Daniels, Attunda OK

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Updated: 4 June, 2021 kl. 13:46