USV TU Dresden signed up for our competition

When I saw that USV TU Dresden signed up for our competition I got interested and asked them  a few questions.

Have you been to 25manna before?

Yes. Our club participated in 2007 and 2008.

How did you come up with the idea to go to 25manna?

At the end of the last year’s competition season someone raised the question if we should try to get a team together to participate at 25manna and surprisingly we soon had 25 committed runners.

What are your expectations?

We don’t expect to place anywhere near the top, so our main goal is to not mispunch, have fun and to experience both the atmosphere and team spirit at this unique event.

How do you travel?

Most of us will take the car and the overnight ferry for the 1 300 km trip, but some have chosen the more convenient (and more expensive) plane option.

Is it expensive for you to compete in Sweden?

Well, yes. Getting there is probably the most expensive part, but if you are treating it as a holiday trip it is still worthwhile.

How is your team composed? Do you have many younger participants?

We have a good and even mix of older and younger participants representing most age categories, I guess.

Where is your accommodation going to be?

We booked a “vandrarhem” in Tyresö.

Please tell us a bit more about your club!

The USV TU Dresden was founded in 1941 and does currently represent 31 different sports. The orienteering division has more than 200 active members which makes us one of the biggest orienteering clubs in Germany.

Do you organize any event that you want to invite our readers to?

We have an interesting control picking event coming up on October 22nd, which is traditionally organized by the juniors of our club. With 109 controls this year it should be a lot of fun! It usually sparks some interest from Czech orienteers as it is pretty close to the border, but we wouldn’t mind some more international competition. You can find more information at

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Updated: 25 September, 2017 kl. 22:54